Planning the Service


A copy of the service can be obtained on the worship page of the Church of Ireland website.

A formatted template is available on line from the Dean during the preparation for the service.

Although the service may not be tinkered with, you have discretion when it comes to music, hymns, readings and intercessions.  Before going to press, please consult with the clergy person taking the service as alternations can be costly!


You know who will be at the wedding – will they know or be able to sing the hymns? It is better to have two hymns sung properly than many that no one sings at all. Please clear with the solemniser the music planned for the wedding.


Only readings from Holy Scripture will be allowed in the service, and at least one of these must be from the New Testament.  If Holy Communion is celebrated, a New Testament and gospel reading must be included.

The minister and the couple together choose the readings, hymns, music and the prayers to be used in the service.


The parish has a copyright licence for hymn words in the Church Hymnal (2000) and that copyright number will be given to you when the service sheet is completed. However, if you choose to print words or music that are not in this resource, you will be asked to arrange copyright with the publisher.

Biblical texts must be from the NRSV and copyright notice given.