Booking the Cathedral

Christ Church is a popular venue for the Arts and community events. Permission for these events is at the discretion of the Dean and must be appropriate to the building as a hallowed place of worship and community gathering. This does not mean that all events have to religious in character, not at all. However they must serve to draw people into the beauty of the building, be of good quality and provide a worthwhile experience for the audience, maintaining at all times of practice, performance and clear up a respect for the integrity of the cathedral as a centre of Christian worship.

Male Voice Choir

Waterford Male Voice Choir – regular and popular performers in Christ Church

Conditions of use of Cathedral as an Arts Venue

  • All events must be co-ordinated the Administrator
  • In line with Safeguarding Trust, the Church of Ireland child protection protocol, any agency or individual working with children in the cathedral must produce their child protection policy upon application for the use of the cathedral.
  • All individuals, exhibitors and agencies using the cathedral must produce their own insurance policy covering the event, public liability, performers, instruments, artefacts, exhibits etc.The Cathedral accepts no liability for damage to property for which the promoter is responsible. The promoter is responsible for:
  1. making good any damage to the building, caused by the promoter or their agents in preparing for the concert, during the performance or during dismantling and removal of equipment from the cathedral.
  2. effecting  their own insurance to cover, interalia, public liability (third party), including ‘indemnity to ‘principals’ and ‘damage to rented premises’ clauses, and the theft, loss or damage to their own property.
  • All grant aid applications made under the aegis of the cathedral are payable to the cathedral and not to any other individual or agency.  No agency, Trust or individual may use the name or venue of the cathedral in grant applications without the prior knowledge and permission of the Dean.
  • Three months’ notice is required for a booking as well as a non refundable deposit of €150. In the event of the cancellation of the event, this fee will be retained by the cathedral to cover costs.
  • All recording, filming, photographing of the cathedral must be organised through the Administrator.
  • The cathedral a no smoking zone. No food or drink may be consumed on the premises.
  • The cathedral will undertake stewarding and programme selling duties for concerts. Stewards have three main duties:
  1. check tickets at the doors,
  2. show the audience to their seats
  3. evacuate the cathedral in the case of emergency as they have been specially trained to do this function
  • Concert promoters may sell CDs, tapes, souvenirs, etc in a location agreed with the Administrator.
  • Concert promoters may display at the West End of the cathedral, information regarding the organisation promoting the concert or charity for which funds are being raised.
  • Invoices, ticket sales summaries and a cheque for Box Office receipts less commission, credit card charges and facility fees will be sent to you within 15 days of the concert. Where money is owed to the cathedral, cheques should be made payable to Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford and forwarded to the Treasurer.
  • No interim payments from ticket sales will be transferred to the concert coordinator during the sales period.
  • All use of electrical equipment must be compliant with the cathedral’s safety standard.
  • There is NO parking around the cathedral. An agreed time will be arranged for the setting up of an event when the booking is confirmed. The cathedral has wheel chair access at the West door.
  • The building must be vacated by 11 pm. An additional fee of €50 per hour will be incurred after that time.

Discovery Gospel Choir